About us

Overview - Bloomith, one of the leading hospitality consulting firms

Bloomith is a real estate asset ownership & development company with a focus on hospitality, commercial & other real estate yielding asset classes. It also provides hospitality consulting services and is one of the leading hotel / hospitality consulting firms

Headquartered in Mumbai, the firm has professionals with global experience in banking, real estate development & real estate asset management

Bloomith’s approach involves the following strategies:

  • Acquisition of distressed operating commercial properties
  • Acquisition of brownfield / under construction commercial properties
  • Acquisition of distressed debt of both operating and under construction commercial properties

Post acquisition, Bloomith enables value creation through the following:

  • Completes the balance development of the project including design, construction and pre opening
  • Brands the asset with global operators and / or tenants
  • Asset manages the property through a hands on operations driven focus to maximize the asset’s performance

Post value creation, Bloomith actively explores exit opportunities.

Founder's Profile

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Aadil Muscatwala, Co-Founder

Aadil has previously worked in Investment Banking with Merrill Lynch in the Mergers & Acquisitions Group in New York and Real Estate Investment Banking Group in Sydney, Australia Also had experience in Private Banking in Merrill Lynch, New York and Morgan Stanley, Chicago Graduated Summa Cum Laude as Bachelor of Science in Finance & Accounting from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Experience in the Hospitality Industry

Ginger Dwarka – Greenfield hotel development completed in 24 months from Nov 2015-17. Hotel was awarded Winner “Best Mid Market Hotel in 2018” by ‘Hotel Investment Conference for South Asia’ (“HICSA”)

Orchid Pune – Distressed debt acquisition completed in December 2018. Acquired the secured debt outstanding of the asset at 30 cents on the dollar

Has developed relationships with various real estate distressed acquisition firms ranging from Asset Reconstruction Companies, Banks, Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), Government Bodies, Corporations and Private Individuals

Refurbished, reflagged and operated 18 properties in the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu under the brand “Vedanta Wake Up” and demonstrated enhancement of capacity utilization from < 20% to beating the city average by > 10%

Who are we:

Bloomith is one of the top hospitality consulting firms / hospitality consultants, that provides hospitality management consulting, and hotel management consultancy services. The company is one of the best hospitality business consultants and focuses on hotels, hospitality, food & beverage, commercial, retail and other real estate asset classes. It is one of the best hospitality consulting firms / hospitality consulting companies. It provides a number of hospitality consultancy services. Bloomith is one of the top hotel development consultants that helps developers complete their real estate projects in an effective, efficient and timely manner

Bloomith is one of the leading boutique hotel consultants and asset manager with an institutional ownership model, experienced leadership and professional management team. It is one of the leading hotel development consultants and a hotel operations consultant. It is ranked in the top 10 hospitality consulting firms/ companies. Bloomith has been one of the leading hospitality industry consultants since 2013 and has successfully helped clients raise private equity for their projects in the hospitality and real estate sectors.