Board and Management

Board and Management

Mehboob Muscatwala

Mehboob has managed various businesses which include real estate, logistics, capital market investments and human resources. Has aggregated over 75 acres of land in various locations across the country which he is currently developing as residential and commercial projects Has developed strategic alliances with a global diverse client base including various international corporations and government agencies. Bachelor of Commerce from Bombay University

Aadil Muscatwala
Founder & Managing Director

Aadil has previously worked in Investment Banking with Merrill Lynch in the Mergers & Acquisitions Group in New York and Real Estate Investment Banking Group in Sydney, Australia Also had experience in Private Banking in Merrill Lynch, New York and Morgan Stanley, Chicago Graduated Summa Cum Laude as Bachelor of Science in Finance & Accounting from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. Has developed relationships with various real estate distressed acquisition firms ranging from Asset Reconstruction Companies, Banks, Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), Government Bodies, Corporations and Private Individuals in both Portugal and india

Faizal Ahmad
Country Partner | Portugal

Faizal is a seasoned real estate professional in the Portuguese market. He has specialized in luxury residential real estate advising foreign investors and buyers in their acquisitions Lisbon, Oeiras, Cascais and Setúbal. In the last years he has also worked closely with developers, helping them in their investment decisions, and in marketing their projects and developments. He has built solid relationships with some of the main stakeholders of the market, and partnered with reliable players in the legal, fiscal, financial and management areas of the business. He has had the opportunity to work in Remax, JLL, KW and the Sil Group as a senior consultant and in management positions.

Zoya Muscatwala

Zoya is an accomplished communications advertising and marketing professional. She has completed her PGDMM in Marketing from NMIMS, Mumbai. She is responsible for Bloomith's brand identity, content creation, corporate videos, and works on strengthening Bloomith's brand identity

Júlio Oliveira
Project Management Consultant | Portugal

Júlio has over 22 years of experience in Engineering and Construction Industry, and also in Business and Operational Management. He has designed and implemented the Strategic Plan for the companies of the Andrade Gutierrez Group in Angola. Júlio also set up of INZAG Germany GmbH - Angola Branch, under a Private Investment Contract with the Ministry of Construction. He had also signed a contract in the road rehabilitation sector, worth 58 Million Euros with the National Road Institute of Angola.

Sanjay Panchal
Director | Property & Asset Management

Sanjay is a seasoned finance and real estate professional in the Indian market. He is responsible for property management of Bloomith's assets once they are operational. He has been instrumental in stabilising Bloomith's Ginger Dwarka asset and managing various of Bloomith's land projects in Gujarat

Khyati Nandu
Vice President | Marketing

Khyati is an accomplished communications and marketing professional. She has completed her PGDMM in Marketing from NMIMS, Mumbai. She is responsible for Bloomith's brand identity, delivering high impact digital marketing strategies that enable growth, strengthens brand and elevates the experience.