Asset Management

Asset Management Services

Bloomith provides asset management services to asset owners, private investors, and developers who have operating real estate assets and lack in-house operating expertise

We help our clients by utilising our unmatched market knowledge and practical experience managing various asset classes. By analysing your operations, identifying the most pressing problems, and executing recommendations, our mission is to maximise the value and potential of your assets.

Our expertise includes:

  • Monitoring of assets’ operational and development needs
  • Planning strategically and reorganising your property operations
  • Repositioning the asset to fit the market dynamics
  • Disputes with developers and brands
  • Evaluating, choosing, and negotiating with franchise and management companies
  • Aid with due diligence for acquisitions and dispositions

Bloomith’s asset management services give you the assurance that your investment is carefully supervised and that the solutions in place are specifically designed to meet your goals

How We Assist Clients

  • Deliver clear reporting that is oriented towards the future to spot problems as they arise
  • Defend owners’ interests in discussions with franchisors and/or operators
  • For owners who lack experience, manage the operator
  • One-stop shop for all asset management service requirements

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